We jeopardize our hearing so carelessly!

June 8, 2016


We jeopardize our hearing so carelessly!

There’s no doubt about it: going out, partying, and enjoying the music is a really great feeling. However, if you consider that the volume at concerts and in clubs can reach 100 decibels or more, it is clear that each of us has to take responsibility for protecting and preserving our hearing.

In the second part of our study entitled “How the World Hears”, we closely analyzed the listening habits of people in Switzerland, Germany, the USA, Brazil, and China and the possible consequences of their behavior – with alarming results!

56% of participants have experienced tinnitus after going to a concert or club. One reason for this is that 68% never wear earplugs when they go to places with loud music, with 23% convinced that the music is not too loud. This is a mistake which has serious repercussions for our hearing, for if we damage it just once, there is no way back – hearing loss is irreversible.

A comparison between countries shows that in terms of regularly visiting places with loud music, the Brazilians are well in the lead at 64%. Brazil is also a forerunner in the number of tinnitus cases: 67% of participants indicate that they have been affected before. Interestingly, although the Swiss are the second most regular visitors to places with loud music (57%), they are the least affected by tinnitus (48%). A possible reason for this is that event organizers in Switzerland must provide visitors with free earplugs. 

So, it’s a good reason to wear earplugs at events with loud music. You can find a selection of common hearing protection options here.

You can also protect yourself against noise-induced hearing loss at concerts and in clubs using these simple tips:

  • Avoid standing too close to the stage or loudspeakers.
  • If you are unsure how loud it is around you, you can use an app to measure the surrounding noise level.
  • You should always consciously factor in breaks for your ears between concerts at festivals and drink lots of water! The latter ensures better blood flow to the hair cells in your cochlea, thus supporting your hearing.
  • Treat your ears to at least 10 hours of quiet after going out. Above all, consult your doctor immediately if you experience a persistent ringing in your ears.


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